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Two Key Modular Building Design Considerations

Modular Building Construction Modular buildings have alleviated many of the frustrations associated with conventional construction methods. Faster building times, increased quality control, and reduced construction costs are just some of the benefits this technique offers. However, modular buildings are not a one size fits all solution. Each structure has its own set of environmental and… READ MORE

Child Care Solutions: Relocatable Classrooms and Modular Daycare Buildings

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 23% of children in the United States live with a single mother, and in families led by a married couple, more than 61% of couples are comprised of two working parents. With many parents working long, varied, or non-traditional hours; around-the-clock or flexible daycare options are in high demand…. READ MORE

The Growing Popularity of Modular Construction

The construction industry is continually changing and evolving, but more builders are beginning to adopt modular construction to its range of benefits. New methods of construction are being developed every year, innovative materials are being used in production, and new ways of doing business are appearing. As the world becomes environmentally conscious and the construction… READ MORE

Prefab Medical Buildings for Hospital & Military Applications

By offering excellent flexibility and customizability, modular medical buildings are proving to be ideal solutions for various applications; helping hospital administrators, engineers, and procurement managers easily handle influxes of patients. Extremely versatile and cost-effective — and just as attractive as their traditionally constructed counterparts — modular buildings can be built on demand to meet clients’… READ MORE

Modular Construction Advantages & Modern Day Applications

Modular Construction Advantages & Modern Day Applications

The benefits of modular construction really begin to shine as our world continues to develop. Each year, we are faced with a variety of problems concerning the construction and implementation of buildings. Cities become overcrowded, housing development becomes expensive, and construction projects can become long and drawn out processes. Due to these factors, we are… READ MORE

Building a Eco Modular Daycare Center for Harvard University

Building a Eco Modular Daycare Center for Harvard University

Our modular classrooms and daycare facilities can be constructed with top-of-the-line materials including those specifically-made to promote “green” initiatives. In 2009, Commercial Structures Corporation, in conjunction with Anderson Anderson Architecture, was commissioned to build the Harvard Yard Child Care Center on the Cambridge campus of Harvard University. The company served as structural engineers, MEP/FP engineers,… READ MORE

The Future is Now!

The Future is Now!

For the discriminating buyer, Commercial Structures introduces its new, advanced mobile offices for 2014. For the person who understands quality, beauty and function this is the obvious choice. The discriminating owners of Commercial Structures offices enjoy the envy of their co-workers, customers and competitors alike. They recognize your refined taste and appreciation for the finer… READ MORE

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