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How Much Do Modular Buildings Cost

How Much Do Modular Buildings Cost?

Modular buildings are prefabricated structures that are fully customizable and offer a cost-effective solution to add or repurpose a space for increased flexibility, productivity, and comfort. Depending on the options you choose, modular construction can be built entirely off-site and delivered as a complete structure or built in sections to be assembled on-site.

Both temporary and permanent modular buildings are durable and made with the highest quality materials, differing primarily in their abilities to be relocated as needed. Modular buildings can be standalone structures, expansions of existing structures, or housed entirely inside existing buildings.

Temporary Modular Buildings

A temporary modular building is an efficient solution to quickly provide additional workspaces or separated work or break areas. Temporary structures can also include mobile buildings for increased flexibility.

Permanent Modular Buildings

Permanent modular buildings offer an easy, cost-effective way to create or add to workspaces for your facility. They can also be customized to match or complement existing architecture on-site. 

Custom Modular Buildings

With a custom modular building, you have the opportunity to work with a design and engineering team to create a modular structure individually designed to meet your specifications and requirements. 

Cost of Modular Buildings

The cost of modular construction varies depending on the type of building, any customizations you select, and whether you choose to lease, rent, or purchase the building. Basic costs associated with all modular buildings include:

  • Size: The size of your modular building will affect its cost, including choices for single or multi-story construction.
  • Site Preparation: Excavation, foundations, utility connections and other site preparation that may be needed can reduce or increase a building’s total cost.
  • Materials: Varying costs of building materials will affect the price of your modular building. Modular builders can offer some savings with materials since they buy raw materials in greater volume to meet demand for all their in-house construction needs.
  • Delivery: Delivery and installation costs will change according to your specific needs, access, and site conditions.

Savings With Modular Buildings

Building construction and site development can happen simultaneously, which means modular construction offers a much shorter construction schedule with fewer delays due to weather and other interruptions, allowing you to use your building up to 50% earlier than with traditional construction.

This shorter installation time can save on labor and energy consumption costs on-site and creates less disruption at your work site. Also, unlike traditionally constructed buildings where value is generally amortized over a 35-year period, the value of many (usually temporary) modular buildings is on a seven- to 12-year depreciation schedule, likely saving you in tax expenses.

Cost of Temporary Modular Buildings

On average, temporary modular buildings cost around $50 to $100 per square foot, but that does not necessarily include site preparation, delivery, and installation. 

Cost of Permanent Modular Buildings

Permanent modular buildings have construction costs similar to those for temporary modular buildings, but generally slightly higher, including foundation work. Permanent modular structures also usually incorporate additional features for enhanced functionality and appearance. Some common additions to permanent modular buildings include custom exterior finishes, glass storefronts, stairs and ramps, entries, and lobbies, all of which will affect final construction costs.

Cost of Custom Modular Buildings

With the vast array of choices for designing custom modular buildings, costs average from $70 to $400 per square foot depending on the complexity and degree of specialization required. 

Customization Costs

As with traditional construction, your choices for customization and finishing will play a large role in the final costs of the building. Common exterior and structural customizations include finishes such as stucco or brick, use of flame retardant and climate control materials, driver-access windows, and inclusion of fire suppression systems, safety and security details, and specialty HVAC systems. Interior customizations might include plumbing and wiring options, cabinetry, lighting, window treatments, intercom systems, specialty walls and doors, and aesthetic considerations.

Modular Buildings from Commercial Structures

Commercial Structures offers versatile and easily customized modular buildings to meet your precise needs. The different options we provide include:

  • General Office Space
  • Non-Combustible Buildings
  • Blast Resistant Buildings
  • Bullet Resistant Buildings
  • In-plant Offices & Meeting Spaces
  • Machine Enclosures
  • Quality Control Booths
  • Clean Rooms
  • Document and Record Storage
  • Dispatch Offices
  • First Aid & Security Locations
  • Sales Offices
  • Administration Buildings
  • Multi-story Offices
  • Restroom, Washroom, & Locker Room Facilities
  • Break Rooms
  • Equipment Buildings

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