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How Modern Modular Construction Methods Drive Sustainability

Rapid urbanization and industrialization in both developed and developing nations continue to bring the challenges associated with growing populations and resource scarcity to light. As such, many governments and organizations are beginning to recognize the value of sustainable construction practices. As populations continue to grow, the demand for goods and services will increase alongside it. Ultimately, businesses will need to find ways to expand quickly and sustainably.

Sustainable construction meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. These principles encompass the entire lifecycle of building design – from the initial construction stage, through operation and maintenance, to final demolition or repurposing.

Modular construction methods possess many inherent sustainable advantages over conventional construction techniques. Increased awareness and education about the sustainable benefits of modular construction is expected to be a significant contributing factor to market growth in the coming years.

Sustainable Features of Modular Construction

By their very nature, modular construction practices present a sustainable alternative to traditional building methods. Sustainable features of modular construction methods include:

Lower environmental impact

modular construction methods sustainabilityThe bulk of modular construction takes place at an offsite facility. As such, the erection process typically requires less construction equipment and personnel. This ultimately translates to significant reductions in pollution associated with construction activity, such as greenhouse gas emissions, soil erosion, sedimentation, and airborne dust.

The relatively low-impact nature of modular construction methods also results in less damage to sensitive and protected areas, such as waterways, vegetation, and natural habitats. Furthermore, modular buildings are often largely constructed from ethically sourced materials, such as recycled steel, glass, and wood.

Reduced waste generation

Offsite construction under controlled conditions gives manufacturers better oversight of construction quality, material usage, and waste disposal management. Modules are usually manufactured on a just-in-time basis to precise specifications, resulting in the consumption of considerably less raw material and generation of less waste compared to onsite construction.

Construction activities at offsite facilities also facilitate strict adherence to waste management plans. These plans usually involve a range of techniques aimed at diverting any disposed waste away from landfills and incineration facilities by recycling, reusing, or recovering materials. Unlike some materials used in conventional construction, modular construction methods allow materials left over from one project to be placed in inventory and reused for another.


Modular construction encourages adaptive reuse and minimized life cycle impact. If a building no longer serves its intended purpose at a specific location, it can be easily disassembled and relocated with minimal construction equipment. Even if there no further use for the modular building, a sizable percentage of the structure’s parts and components can be recycled.

Conversely, traditional buildings must be demolished, resulting in the production of large amounts of undesirable waste material.

Commercial Structures’ Commitment to Sustainability

Commercial Structures Corp. has 43 years of experience designing and constructing sustainable modular buildings for customers across the United States and Canada. We collaborate and maintain regular communication with clients throughout the building process to help them realize their sustainable construction goals. Our strict quality management procedures ensure that all materials, products, and features meet all client-specified requirements.

Our buildings match or exceed the quality of traditional buildings and are far more cost effective with substantially shorter lead times. If you need assistance in achieving your sustainable building goals, the Commercial Structures Corp. can help. Feel free to contact us or request a quote today to get started.