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Modular Building Floor Plans

Commercial Structures Corp. has been building high-quality portable and modular structures since 1976, and we’re proud to offer a variety of modular building floor plans and layouts to meet various customer requirements.

We offer more than 12 modular office floor plans, in widths of 8, 10, and 12 feet, all of which are ideal for portable, temporary, and on-site offices. Our modular office-complex plans can be made to house three to six private offices, along with restrooms, kitchens, and open work areas. We also offer prefab floor plans for classroom buildings, shower and locker rooms, and various larger-scale multi-use structures.

Please find a few downloadable examples below:

Modular Office Complexes

Locker & Shower Rooms

Two Story Buildings & Elevations

Outwardly, there is little that differentiates modular buildings from traditional structures built from the ground up. This is true for every type of prefabricated structure, from classrooms and community centers to warehouse offices and medical clinics.

Internally, however, these building types can differ greatly, though most variations are unnoticeable to the naked eye. For example, because modular buildings are built using prefabricated building floor layouts in controlled environments, these structures are very high-quality; they are not prone to the small variations in quality caused by weather exposure during the building of traditional structures — which can ultimately lead to additional repair and labor needs, increasing overall costs.

Our Prefab Floor Plans

One of the biggest differences between traditional and modular structures is their floor plans. It may seem counter-intuitive, but floor plans for modular structures allow for a much higher degree of customization than standard structures.

Traditional builders — whether of homes, commercial structures, small offices, or large-scale office complexes — generally have a limited number of floor plans customers can choose from. This is why you’ll often see 100-home developments with only two or three different house styles, or stretches of identical office parks; or, in many strip malls, stores will often feature identical commercial building floor plans.

Prefab floor plans from Commercial Structures Corp. solve all of these issues. Though we offer a range of building modules are that already designed, they are very easy to customize depending on your project’s specific requirements; in fact, many of the structures we manufacture and deliver are completely unique to the client’s needs.

Different individual modules can also be placed within a larger building plan to suit application needs, allowing for greater customization of floor plans for modular structures and building complexes.

We realize that no two projects are ever the same, so our talented team of design engineers is always at the ready, ensuring that your specific needs and specifications are met. Working closely with your team throughout every step of the process, our expert engineers will design a custom modular structure that meets all of your preferences and requirements, no matter how unusual or complex.

To learn more about the modular prefab floor plans offered by Commercial Structures, view some of our sample plans or contact the team today to discuss your unique needs.