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Modular Server Rooms

When installing a modular server room, it’s critical that temperature, humidity, and any outside contaminants are sufficiently controlled to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Commercial Structures has over three decades of experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of a wide range of inplant offices and warehouse buildings, which can include quality control systems, archive storage, security, and even restroom facilities.

Modular Server Room Features and Options

For many companies, a server room does not always need to be in a building of its own. For this reason, many of our prefab server rooms include data centers. We can also create modular rooms for output management, networking, and data storage, as well as power management.

Commercial Structures’ prefabricated server rooms serve as highly efficient, versatile solutions for special office needs. We pride ourselves on providing full services, which include construction, delivery and setup, design and engineering, fabrication, financing, and around-the-clock support.

Key Advantages

When dealing with facility expansion needs, space constraints often present a major issue. Our team can design and install both two-story and multi-story buildings to meet unique company requirements. Ideal for small areas, these options are very flexible, highly economical, and save valuable production floor space.

Our two-story buildings, in particular, can be produced as all-steel constructions, without any superstructures or mezzanines. These modular buildings also have superior sound control between floors. Our stackable structures can be used separately as needed.

Commercial Structures’ modular server rooms are designed to fit unique custom specifications. Our inplant offices can be easily relocated to suit company’s ever-changing needs, and all server rooms are fully assembled, wired, and plumbed — ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Customization Options

We can build with a wide range of options to suit specific application needs and available warehouse space. Portable server rooms and data centers can be manufactured with professional interior decors, custom electrical wiring, washroom facilities, and much, much more. We also offer fluorescent lighting and flame-retardant materials, as well as built-in weather shields to keep equipment safe and employees comfortable.

Our main specifications and customization options for modular server rooms are listed below.

  • Exterior siding — Smooth or ribbed steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood, and stucco; brick and special siding can be installed on site
  • Interior floor covering — Aluminum, carpet, rubber, tile, and vinyl
  • Interior — Vinyl cover gypsum, steel wall panels, pass-through windows, security window screens and/or bars, sliding pocket doors, vinyl base, added floor loads, custom counter and cabinetry, diffused lighting, special electrical components, intercom systems, and fire detection/suppression equipment
  • Applications — Quality control booths, transmission buildings, archive storage, weigh stations, supervisor offices, first-aid buildings, security, time clock stations, engineering offices, and many others

Quality Assurance and Added Advantages

All of Commercial Structures’ portable server rooms are in compliance with or exceed state and national codes.

Also, by using our service, customers receive the advantages of comprehensive quality control inspections from top to bottom, state and third-party approvals and inspections, state seals, CSA International approvals, engineer sealed prints, and comprehensive drawings and specifications provided for approval before production.

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Commercial Structures’ modular data centers and server rooms are all delivered in as little as six weeks. We understand the obstacles organizations face when considering expansion and new spaces, and take great care to provide reliable, high-quality solutions that work for tight budgets and limited spaces.

To learn more about our modular server room options or discuss your unique needs with an expert, request a quote today.