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Modular Restrooms

Modular restrooms are mobile, fully customizable structures used by a wide variety of industries to provide restroom facilities in an area that would not otherwise have them. These structures have numerous advantages: they can be built off-site, are rapidly constructed to the project’s exact specifications, and are relatively easy to install.

At Commercial Structures, we have over four decades of experience engineering and building modular restrooms. Our experts are well-equipped to meet the unique needs of every user, from the initial design phase to the final installation.

Industrial Applications for Modular Restrooms

The versatility and visual appeal of modular restrooms make them an ideal addition to facilities that were initially designed without restrooms. This type of construction is also advantageous as a temporary solution when a warehouse or factory experiences a short-term increase in users. Unlike other temporary restroom facilities, modular restrooms can be designed with both function and aesthetic needs in mind—full plumbing is even available to provide the most comfortable experience for employees and guests. Whether you need public facilities that last for a decade or several weeks, modular restrooms are an affordable and high-quality solution.

Modular restrooms have a variety of different applications, including but not limited to:

  • Construction sites
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Mining industry facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Public parks
  • Camping grounds
  • Factories
  • Agricultural sites
  • Sports complexes
  • Festivals and special events

The Benefits of Using Prefabricated Restrooms

Compared to traditional building, modular construction provides a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Rapid Construction: Prefabricated structures can be installed quickly and are available to use faster than traditional construction.
  • Cost-Effective: Modular restrooms allow property owners to save money and reduce labor costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Limited Downtime: Because modular restrooms are built off-site, there will be little to no disruption to normal operations. Structures arrive onsite fully assembled and ready to be connected to your electric and plumbing systems.
  • Customization: Optional features like running water, colored paneling, indoor heating, and lighting make it possible to customize your model to reflect an organization’s branding and make guests feel more comfortable.

No matter the intended application, our experts at Commercial Structures will work closely with you to ensure your modular restroom meets all your needs.

Customizing Your Modular Restroom

At Commercial Structures, we offer a selection of building materials, including stucco, vinyl, and brick. We also provide vinyl flooring in a variety of colors and patterns, which are long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain.

Additional optional features include:

  • Safety glass mirrors
  • Built-in soap dispensers
  • Exhaust fans
  • Custom countertops

Ordering a Modular Restroom With Commercial Structures

With over 40 years of experience, the team at Commercial Structures offers comprehensive support services, design expertise, and reliable construction. Four to six weeks after finalizing the design, we will deliver the structure to your desired location completely intact. Our modular restrooms arrive pre-wired and with built-in plumbing, so you can begin using them almost immediately. We also guarantee to meet all relevant guidelines at the local, state, and federal levels.

Modular restrooms can be built rapidly, saving your organization time and labor costs. We also carefully examine every component before installation, thus ensuring a reliable, high-quality structure at a fraction of the cost it would normally take to build a facility onsite. Our team of experts at Commercial Structures will work closely with you to provide a modular restroom designed to your exact specifications. We are also proud to provide full delivery and installation services. For a quick, easy, and noninvasive solution to public facilities, contact our team at Commercial Structures today.


Services Construction, Delivery / Set-up, Design and Engineering, Fabrication, Financing, Support Services
Shower/Washroom/Restroom Construction Options Permanent, Temporary
Interior Options Benches, Communal Showers, Copper Water lines, Custom Cabinetry and Counter Tops, Custom Fixtures, Exhaust Fans, Fresh Water Tanks, Glass Front Shower Doors, Liquid Soap Dispenser, Low Flow Commodes, Multiple Lavatory Stations, Multiple Locker Units, Safety Glass Mirror, Self Contained Plumbing, Steel Privacy Partitions, Urinals, Vapor Proof Lighting
Features Pre-wired and Pre-Plumbed, Economical and Aesthetically Appealing, Handicap Accessibility, HVAC Systems, Water-saving Devices, A variety of floor plan and custom options
Applications Amusement Parks, Campgrounds, Public Functions, Municipal and Large Sporting Events, Construction Sites, Rest Stop Areas, Employee Facilities
Exterior Siding Options Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Stucco (Brick or Special Siding Installed at Site)
Interior Floor Covering Options Anti-Slip Covering, Ceramic Tile, Commercial Grade Vinyl, Tile
Lead Time Delivered in as little as six weeks
Service Advantages Comprehensive quality control inspections from top to bottom before leaving factory
State and third party approvals and inspections
State Seals
CSA International approvals
Engineer sealed prints
Built in a controlled environment
Use same high quality materials as a contractor
Drawings and specifications provided for approval before production
Priced far less than conventional construction
Shipping and set up provided
Compliance All of our buildings meet or exceed state and National codes
Industries Served Automotive, Contractors, Distribution Centers, Energy, Engineers, Manufacturing / Assembly plants, Military, Mining, Oil Drilling / Oil Sands, Prisons / Correction facilities, Recycling, Security, Steel Mills, Trucking, Universities, Waste / Sanitation