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Are Modular Medical Clinics a Good Alternative?

modular medical clinicsModular construction offers a fast, efficient alternative to traditional construction methods. Prefabricated modular components can be transported to a construction site and assembled easily without the need for lengthy on-site projects. Modular building units are mass produced at manufacturing facilities designed to ensure code compliance and quality control. This quick, reliable production outpaces traditional on-site construction, which takes weeks or months of manual design and labor.

This alternative construction method first became popular for general commercial spaces and residential homes—more recently, it’s become a viable option for medical clinics. Increases in patient load or staff must be accommodated quickly to ensure that disruptions in critical healthcare services do not occur. Prefab medical clinics can expand medical buildings promptly and effectively when space requirements change.

Benefits of Modular Construction in Healthcare Spaces

Medical clinics have more specific needs than general office and commercial spaces, but even these stringent requirements can be easily met with prefabricated buildings. Modular hospital buildings can be custom designed to meet a wide range of specific needs.

Modular medical clinics offer unique benefits such as:

modular construction benefits in healthcareFaster building openings

Modular building manufacturers can design and construct facilities much faster than any other building method. With no need to wait for lengthy traditional construction, new spaces can be approved and used as soon as they are assembled. This is ideal for rapidly expanding hospitals and clinics in high need areas.

Construction in remote locations

In traditional construction, labor makes up a significant portion of the total cost. These projects require a wide range of general laborers and specialized teams on-site for every stage of the building’s progress. With modular structures, only the assembly team and final inspector are needed to get a building up and running. These professionals are typically provided by the manufacturer, which makes it far easier to build in areas without an existing pool of construction workers. 

Consistent compliance to industry standards

All medical spaces have to meet strict standards. Whether you need sterilization facilities that reduce cross-contamination risks or secure storage facilities that protect patient records, adherence to standards is important. Each prefabricated component in a modular medical building is designed to meet the demanding requirements of medical applications. For larger hospital or clinic chains, this also ensures that each component is identical at every location.

Modular construction methods don’t just match the quality of traditional construction methods—they exceed them. Quick, high-quality standardization provides an optimal method for building any medical space.

Is Modular Construction a Good Alternative to Traditional Medical Construction?

As populations grow and age, the need for more healthcare centers will continue to grow as well. Traditional construction methods are often too cumbersome and too expensive to meet the challenges of rapid expansion. Prefabricated medical clinics provide the solution to this resource crunch on two fronts:

  1. Provide care in temporary clinic buildings during construction.If your company is in the process of building a medical office through traditional means, it could be months before your first patient walks through the door. Temporary prefabricated units can be assembled to code to keep up with demand and avoid interruptions or delays in critical services.
  2. Shorten permanent construction timelines.Traditional construction can’t begin until the site is developed and the foundations are laid. With modular construction, customized units can be fabricated at an off-site plant and then delivered when the foundation is ready. This reduces your overall construction timeline by months. Modular buildings can often be erected in a single day.

Many existing medical buildings have begun to age beyond the point of cost-effective operation. Across the country, older hospitals and medical clinics no longer meet current safety regulations and industry standards. Many also lack the high-tech facilities and connectivity that modern facilities need. They can be renovated, expanded, or entirely replaced with modular healthcare buildings without limiting local access to care.

Modular Medical Clinics by Commercial Structures

Commercial Structures offers a wide range of prefabricated medical buildings ranging from medical laboratories and cleanrooms to single-occupant hospital rooms and comfortable lobbies. Modular structures can be customized to fit your company’s branding, services, and needs. Each structure can also be outfitted with the sound-proofing, sanitary piping, and additional features as needed by the application.

Contact us or request a quote today to discover how Commercial Structures can help you modify existing medical facilities or construct brand new ones.