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Child Care Solutions: Relocatable Classrooms and Modular Daycare Buildings

Modular daycare buildings and classrooms are proving to be an effective, cost-efficient solution to meet these needs. Modular Classrooms & Daycare Facilities Modular classrooms and daycare facilities give your organization options. Whether you need temporary buildings during construction projects, immediate solutions for expanding your campus or student enrollment, or long-term facility space that’s more cost-effective… READ MORE

Are Modular Medical Clinics a Good Alternative?

Modular construction offers a fast, efficient alternative to traditional construction methods. Prefabricated modular components can be transported to a construction site and assembled easily without the need for lengthy on-site projects. Modular building units are mass produced at manufacturing facilities designed to ensure code compliance and quality control. This quick, reliable production outpaces traditional on-site construction,… READ MORE

Child Care Solutions: Relocatable Classrooms and Modular Daycare Buildings

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 23% of children in the United States live with a single mother, and in families led by a married couple, more than 61% of couples are comprised of two working parents. With many parents working long, varied, or non-traditional hours; around-the-clock or flexible daycare options are in high demand…. READ MORE

Prefab Medical Buildings for Hospital & Military Applications

By offering excellent flexibility and customizability, modular medical buildings are proving to be ideal solutions for various applications; helping hospital administrators, engineers, and procurement managers easily handle influxes of patients. Extremely versatile and cost-effective — and just as attractive as their traditionally constructed counterparts — modular buildings can be built on demand to meet clients’… READ MORE