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Modular Clean Rooms

Constructing new facilities is usually a long, complex process. But with Commercial Structures’ modular clean rooms, industry professionals are able to quickly install portable clean rooms and laboratories made specifically for their unique needs.

Prefabricated clean rooms are specially designed for certain fields of research — mainly for medical, biological, chemical, and certain high-precision applications. Our modular clean rooms follow a logarithmic classification system, which follows a grading scale based on the number of allowable particles in the air. These prefab structures also use HEPA and ULPA filters in their systems, allowing for the removal of up to 99.9% of the particulates in the air through the use of various airflow techniques.

Benefits of Modular Clean Rooms

Prefab clean rooms, laboratories, clinics, and other medical buildings can serve as versatile, reliable solutions when hospitals and other medical facilities have a limited amount of available workspace and expansion is not possible. Commercial Structures is proud to provide medical and research organizations with high-quality modular solutions specifically tailored for use in hygiene- and safety-critical situations.

Our comprehensive service covers everything from the initial requirements and design phase to implementation and final construction. And every one of our modular clean rooms is completely customizable to meet users’ exact needs — no matter how unusual or complex.

Customization Options

Some of our most popular customization options include advanced security systems to protect the structure’s contents, soundproof walls for improved privacy, customized lighting solutions suitable for medical work, climate control options to create suitable working conditions, and load-bearing floors to support heavy equipment.

Piping can be installed to aid in the transport of clean water, and designated waiting areas for patients, custom workstations for medical research and testing, and fitted storage units for medical equipment can all be included as well.

Time and Cost Savings

Allowing for quick and easy installation, portable medical buildings and modular laboratories allow for seamless customization for specific jobs while serving as space-saving alternatives to traditional structures.

Modular buildings are much cheaper than newly constructed or renovated structures, and provide the option to expand existing buildings. Plus, modular units ensure a very quick process from initial design to on-site installation. These advantages are particularly useful for organizations with limited funds, space, or time.

Making use of portable clean rooms and modular laboratories can even allow for significant cost savings. Since installation can be done in a fraction of the time of new construction, clients save greatly on labor costs and taxes.

In fact, Commercial Structures buildings can be relocated as needed, providing users with the tax advantage of a seven-year depreciation, as opposed to the 39 years required with conventional construction. Of course, you should always check with your financial advisor before making any decisions.

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The team at Commercial Structures understands the obstacles that many medical and research organizations face when considering expansion and new facility construction, and we’re proud to offer portable medical buildings and modular laboratories to meet the needs of today’s most advanced applications.

Looking to incorporate a new medical examination room, advanced research lab, or purpose-built treatment center into your facility? Request a quote today to learn more.