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Modular Construction

What is Modular Building Construction?

Modular building construction¬†refers to the process by which a building is manufactured at a controlled, off-site facility before being transported to the building site for final assembly. Individual building sections, known as modules, are fabricated using standard industry materials. However, the modules gain the benefits of a controlled assembly line production system to improve safety,… READ MORE

What Materials Are Used in Quality Modular Construction?

Modular buildings have grown in popularity due to their quick and flexible construction options. A modular building consists of prefabricated sections that are put together upon delivery at the final destination. Modular buildings are often constructed using the same types of materials used in conventional construction projects, making them ideal for commercial applications. Commercial Structures… READ MORE

Modular Hospital Buildings: The New Alternative for Health Care Construction

When a hospital or clinic needs additional space, modular buildings offer an affordable and practical solution for rapid expansion. They are designed to meet the same specifications of a traditionally built facility, but they are ready in a fraction of the time. By eliminating long, costly construction projects, clinics can start using their new space… READ MORE

How Modern Modular Construction Methods Drive Sustainability

Rapid urbanization and industrialization in both developed and developing nations continue to bring the challenges associated with growing populations and resource scarcity to light. As such, many governments and organizations are beginning to recognize the value of sustainable construction practices. As populations continue to grow, the demand for goods and services will increase alongside it…. READ MORE

Two Key Modular Building Design Considerations

Modular Building Construction Modular buildings have alleviated many of the frustrations associated with conventional construction methods. Faster building times, increased quality control, and reduced construction costs are just some of the benefits this technique offers. However, modular buildings are not a one size fits all solution. Each structure has its own set of environmental and… READ MORE

The Growing Popularity of Modular Construction

The construction industry is continually changing and evolving, but more builders are beginning to adopt modular construction to its range of benefits. New methods of construction are being developed every year, innovative materials are being used in production, and new ways of doing business are appearing. As the world becomes environmentally conscious and the construction… READ MORE

Modular Construction Advantages & Modern Day Applications

Modular Construction Advantages & Modern Day Applications

The benefits of modular construction really begin to shine as our world continues to develop. Each year, we are faced with a variety of problems concerning the construction and implementation of buildings. Cities become overcrowded, housing development becomes expensive, and construction projects can become long and drawn out processes. Due to these factors, we are… READ MORE