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Custom Modular Buildings

Custom modular buildings are offered for a variety of applications, ranging from club houses to control booths and coffee shops.

Available in temporary or permanent configurations, these buildings are offered in modular, mobile, forkliftable, and craneable forms. Commercial Structures’ prefabricated buildings can be set up in as little as one day and offer considerable cost saving with the flexibility you deserve.

Our design team works closely with customers to transform their unique requirements into working drawings for approval. High quality steel, wood, and other building materials are used for construction. A wide range of interior and exterior options is available with our custom modular buildings, giving you the flexibility to choose the one best suited for your application. Custom buildings are available in single and multi-storey configurations as well. After fabrication, your building will be delivered to the specified location, where our team will install it.

Custom Modular Buildings Specifications

Services Construction, Delivery / Set-Up, Design and Engineering, Fabrication, Financing, Support Services
Custom Building Types Forkliftable, Mobile, Modular
Applications Coffee Shops / Retail, Bunk Houses, Air Testing Buildings, Ticket Booths, Break Rooms, Labs, Golf Course Facilities, Medical Clinics
Exterior Siding Options Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Stucco (Brick or Special Siding Installed at Site)
Interior Floor Covering Options Carpet, Tile, Vinyl
Floor Space Capabilities 100 square feet to 100,000 square feet
Lead Times Delivered in as little as six weeks
Service Advantages Comprehensive quality control inspections from top to bottom before leaving factory
State and third party approvals and inspections
State Seals
CSA International approvals
Engineer sealed prints
Built in a controlled environment
Use same high quality materials as a contractor
Drawings and specifications provided for approval before production
Priced far less than conventional construction
Shipping and set up provided
Compliance All of our buildings meet or exceed state and National codes
Industries Served Automotive, Contractors, Daycare, Distribution Centers, Energy, Engineers, Manufacturing / Assembly plants, Medical / Dental, Military, Mining, Oil Drilling / Oil Sands, Prisons / Correction facilities, Private School, Public School, Recycling, Security, Steel Mills, Trucking, Universities, Waste / Sanitation