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3 Reasons Why the Use of Modular Office Spaces is on the Rise

Modular office buildings are growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional construction, offering benefits like cost and time savings without any reduction in quality. These buildings are constructed in individual modular units which can then be transported to a build site and erected into a highly customizable configuration.

Despite their less-than-conventional assembly process, modular units otherwise closely resemble traditional office buildings. Adhering to the same standards as conventional structures, portable office buildings are code-compliant, climate-controlled, and aesthetically pleasing.

Project managers are increasingly recognizing the benefits of modular office buildings over their conventional counterparts, leading to a wider adoption of prefabricated buildings in recent years. The following three reasons are driving growth in the modular office space market:

1. Financial Flexibility

Modular office units offer options to suit every budget and timeframe, with both temporary and permanent structures available in nearly all sizes at affordable purchase and lease rates. These savings come not from reduced quality, but from streamlined designs that minimize unnecessary architectural elements. This functional minimalism allows you to save money that would otherwise be put toward expensive rent or long-term construction costs.

While many still view prefabricated buildings as a temporary option, modular units offer a more financially viable option for permanent construction as well. Traditional construction jobs can be extremely expensive, and costs are only increasing as the prices of raw materials increase. Lengthy building schedules further inflate the cost of traditional construction.

Modular units rely on a smaller inventory of materials which can be purchased in bulk to be shared across many projects, and the savings from this translate to reduced prices for prefab units. The building timetable is limited to site preparation and erection of the building, drastically reducing the overall time commitment. Once the site is prepared, many modular office spaces can be set up in a single day.

2. Satisfying Space Solutions

Modern prefabricated office buildings are highly customizable. They can be relatively modest or span 100,000 square feet with multiple floors. There are a broad variety of options for incorporating custom structural elements to suit any desired layout. This means lease payments can be kept to a minimum ensuring that there is a modular solution that fits nearly any budget.

Your modular office can come complete with office space, open work areas, bathrooms, breakrooms, and kitchens—in other words, all the amenities you’d expect in a standard office. Modular units are constructed with conventional building materials, meaning that they provide the same durability as traditional construction methods. Prefabricated buildings also feature minimal maintenance requirements.

3. Business Benefits

From the earliest planning stages, modular units streamline your business operations. Design, construction, and installation all proceed rapidly due to the nature of prefabricated construction. This also facilitates rapid expansion to accommodate growing businesses without investing in expensive renovations.

This also means construction and renovations don’t need to interrupt your business. The shortened construction timeline ensures that you can quickly begin operations in your new facility. On the other hand, should you no longer need the extra space, you can return a temporary unit without worrying about breaking a lease or dealing with a prolonged property sale.

Modular units also improve customer and employee comfort, especially when used as a temporary solution during renovations or expansions. Rather than attempting to work around intrusive construction conditions, you can instead funnel your operations into a comfortable and functional office. This allows you to maintain your team’s focus as well as your customer experience.

Modular Office Buildings with Commercial Structures Corp.

At Commercial Structures, we construct modular office complexes ranging from compact, 100-square-foot units to large multiplex structures. With every project, we take your aesthetic preferences into consideration, matching existing facilities or company branding with our diverse range of interior and exterior decor options.
As one of the nation’s leading modular construction firms, we have over 43 years of experience in exceeding customer expectations for modular units. Our results are consistent, attractive, completely functional, and tailored exactly to your specifications.

To find out more about our temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent offerings, get in touch with our team or request a quote.