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What Materials Are Used in Quality Modular Construction?

Modular buildings have grown in popularity due to their quick and flexible construction options. A modular building consists of prefabricated sections that are put together upon delivery at the final destination. Modular buildings are often constructed using the same types of materials used in conventional construction projects, making them ideal for commercial applications.

Commercial Structures has provided modular construction services using high quality materials to ensure the building’s overall strength, safety, durability, and sustainability. Our expert team offers services including design, on-time delivery and construction, and post-assembly maintenance.

What Materials Are Used in Quality Modular Construction?

Using high quality materials in modular construction will result in a strong and efficient structure. The most common modular construction materials are steel and wood. Each of these materials offer different advantages.


Steel is the most durable building material and offers many advantages when used in modular construction, including:

  • Resistance to harsh environments, fire, and corrosion
  • Large beam spans don’t require additional support, allowing for reduced overall building costs
  • Consistent material with fewer variances from piece to piece


When used as an insulator, wood helps to control energy loss better than any other modular building material. Since moisture causes shrinkage and expansion, wood improves the strength of modular buildings, resulting in protection from inclement weather. Wood is manufactured in a controlled environment, allowing for fewer air quality issues.

Modular Buildings from Commercial Structures

Industrial modular construction offers quick, portable, low-cost, fully customizable building solutions for any company looking to create their ideal facility. Commercial Structures has provided high quality custom modular buildings for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of industrial modular buildings, including in-plant offices, labs, clean rooms, two-story facilities, and more. Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your next modular building project.