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Mobile Office Trailers

Our mobile office trailers come with a wide range of interior and exterior options suitable for contractors, foremen, and construction crews.

Commercial Structures’ portable office trailers are ideal for contractor offices, break rooms, foreman offices, cargo storage/ offices, change rooms, and plan rooms. We offer many options to make relocation easy including 2 5/16″ coupler or pental hitches (fixed or detachable), drag frames and over the road axles. Whether your office trailer needs to be fabricated from standard or custom specification, our expert sales team will make sure you receive a product that meets and exceeds all of your expectations. We offer simple modular building solutions to solve complex space problems.

Features for Mobile Office Trailers

Custom options for mobile office trailers include built-in desks, coffee bars, closets, conduit EMT wiring, diffused lighting, and a wide range of security features. Axels, rims, 14-ply rated tires, and electric brakes are standard features on all of our trailers.

Our field offices provide a private, comfortable working area with excellent visibility. These mobile field offices also feature a desk, plan rack, plan table, and overhead shelves. Heat and air conditioning options ensure employee comfort in all weather conditions. All modular buildings are inspected under stringent quality control standards before delivery.

If you’d like to discuss more about the features and options available on our office trailers, or any of our other products, hit the ‘Contact Us’ button at the top of the page!


View a shareable version of our specifications here.

Services Construction, Delivery / Set-up, Design and Engineering, Fabrication, Financing, Support Services
Mobile Office Features Built-in Desks and Shelving, Coffee Bars, Plan Tables (fold down or with storage), Plan Racks, Mini Blinds, Closets, Full or Half bath, Kitchenettes, Copper DWV, Conduit EMT Wiring, Special Circuitry, BX Wiring, Smoke / Fire / Security Alarms, Recessed Lighting, Security Bars or Screens, Exterior Lighting, Insulated Sheathing, Upgraded Insulation, Sound Board, Insulated Windows, 29 Ga. Ribbed Steel Siding, Wood Siding, Vinyl Siding, Interior and Exterior Color Options
Contractor Trailer Features Steel Frames, Drag Frames, Axels / Rims / 14-ply Rated Tires, 2 5/16″ Coupler or Pental Hitch, Wall and Roof Sheathing, Floor Insulation, Heavy Load Floor Decking
Applications Contractor Offices, Change Rooms, Warming Stations, Plan Rooms, Office Cargo/ Storage, Break Rooms
Service Advantages Comprehensive quality control inspections from top to bottom before leaving factory
State and third party approvals and inspections
State Seals
CSA International approvals
Engineer sealed prints
Built in a controlled environment
Use same high quality materials as a contractor
Drawings and specifications provided for approval before production
Priced far less than conventional construction
Shipping and set up provided
Compliance All of our buildings meet or exceed state and National codes
Industries Served Automotive, Contractors, Distribution Centers, Energy, Engineers, Manufacturing / Assembly plants, Military, Mining, Oil Drilling / Oil Sands, Prisons / Correction facilities, Recycling, Security, Steel Mills, Trucking, Universities, Waste / Sanitation

Mobile office trailers provide temporary or modular spaces for office work, storage, change rooms, and other uses. Crews can quickly integrate the trailers into a worksite, relocate them, and dismantle them quickly when they’re no longer needed. Mobile office trailers come with various functional and safety features customizable to each business’s needs. 

Commercial Structures has been a trusted mobile office trailer manufacturer and supplier since 1976. We build our mobile office trailers to meet a variety of settings and applications, and we can help you develop the right solution for your needs. Learn what modular office trailers are, including their benefits and applications, so that you can select the best option.

Mobile Office Trailers Explained

Portable and self-contained, mobile office trailers offer a functional and comfortable workspace, especially for temporary work environments, such as film sets, disaster work zones, contractor projects, and construction sites where traditional office buildings are less feasible. Under any weather condition, mobile office trailers remain comfortable with insulated, durable aluminum or steel ceilings and walls. They can be equipped with electrical outlets, lighting, air conditioning, heating, filing cabinets, chairs, and desks as needed.

Mobile office trailers are suitable for various applications, including living quarters for contractors, storage spaces, break rooms, and conference rooms, depending on their configuration and size. Organizations can purchase or lease the modular trailers, which are customizable to meet their needs.

Advantages of Mobile Office Trailers

Mobile office trailers offer the following benefits:

  • Mobility: Businesses can move their mobile office trailer as necessary, giving workers the versatility to work from various locations.
  • Cost-effectiveness: A mobile office trailer can cost less than constructing or purchasing a traditional office space, reducing the overall cost of the workspace.
  • Customizability: The mobile office can be customized to suit the needs of the business with various equipment, feature, and layout options.
  • Fast Setup: Mobile office trailers can be set up on-site in less time than traditional buildings, allowing the business to get to work quickly.
  • Durability: Modular trailers offer extensive longevity and are durable enough to withstand heavy use and extreme weather conditions.
  • Sustainability: With LED lighting, solar panels, and other energy-efficient features, mobile office trailers can lower overall carbon footprint.
  • Comfort: Mobile office trailers offer a comfortable work environment in any climate with optional air conditioning and heating systems.
  • Security: Modular offices can offer secure work or storage spaces with optional security alarms and surveillance systems.

Applications and Industries of Mobile Office Trailers

Various applications and industries depend on modular office trailers, including:

  • Construction: Construction crews often use mobile trailers on the worksite as an office or storage space.
  • Education: Schools can use mobile office trailers as additional classrooms during renovations or to alleviate overcrowding.
  • Administrative: Mobile office trailers offer an accessible ground-level office.
  • Temporary Offices: Businesses requiring temporary operations on-location or a secondary workspace can temporarily use a mobile office trailer.
  • Emergency Crisis: During a natural disaster or crisis, a mobile office trailer can quickly provide temporary shelter, a medical care center, or storage for supplies.

Choosing Commercial Structures for Your Mobile Office Trailers

Mobile office trailers from Commercial Structures provide a safe and comfortable work, storage, or living space that can be set up on-site quickly and at a lower cost than building a traditional structure. We can outfit the modular office with cabinets, desks, chairs, lighting, surveillance, and climate control systems to provide everything your workforce needs. Modular offices offer various benefits, including energy efficiency, durability, and mobility. They are suitable for several applications, including temporary office space, construction offices, and emergency crisis structures.

Commercial Structures has over 45 years of experience fabricating and supplying mobile office trailers for various industries. We have delivered thousands of solutions, prioritizing customer service and high-quality buildings at an affordable cost. Request a quote to get started with your mobile office trailer solution.