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Modular Offices

Commercial Structures’ modular offices offer a cost-effective, easy to install, highly flexible, and comfortable way to expand or repurpose an existing space with office spaces, break rooms, and workstations. They are also used to separate machine enclosures, pump houses, and shelters. By separating these areas, modular offices increase safety and productivity. Commercial Structures offers prefabricated and customizable modular offices that can be placed in warehouses, shipping areas, and other industrial settings.

Industrial Applications of Modular Offices

Commercial Structures’ modular offices are able to be installed within the existing structure of a building. Compared to traditional construction methods, modular offices create minimal disruption to operations. Some common industrial uses for modular offices include:

  • Factories and Manufacturing Plants. Putting modular offices in factories and manufacturing plants increases productivity on the floor by allowing engineering and operations employees to be closer to the manufacturing areas, enhancing communication between the two departments.
  • Two-Story Offices. Incorporating a two-story modular office can add a better vantage point for security purposes and overseeing the plant floor.
  • Break Rooms. Modular break rooms offer everything from a simple mealtime seating area to a fully-equipped kitchen and locker room space. Restrooms, showers, lockers, cabinetry, and more can all be provided along with pre-wired and pre-plumbed options and HVAC systems. 
  • Warehouse offices. Office workspaces, quality-control booths, security offices, restrooms, and record storage spaces are just a few of the many ways a modular office can function in a warehouse setting. These workspaces can provide separate, quiet, and secure areas to keep warehouse operations running smoothly and effectively. 
  • Machine Enclosures. Adding a modular machine enclosure is a quick and easy solution to mitigating noise problems with particular machinery and operations. Customized machine enclosures offer a more controlled environment while accommodating specific temperature and humidity settings with a full range of HVAC functions. 
  • Shipping Area Offices. Secure, comfortable, and organized shipping area modular offices protect workers from noise and exhaust fumes while providing a temperature-controlled space for storage, recordkeeping, and driver waiting areas.

The benefits and features of modular offices maximize the long-term value of the space by providing isolated and comfortable working environments that are quickly constructed and easy to adjust for any facility’s needs.

Modular Offices from Commercial Structures Corp.

Whether you need to expand offices, incorporate a smaller specialized area, or repurpose a space, Commercial Structures Corporation can help. From design and vision to construction, installation, and support, our modular building services are ready to accommodate your needs. Contact us today to see how we can make your modular office needs a reality.