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Industrial Modular Construction

It can take years to design and construct a building, but thanks to modular construction, any company can plan and install their ideal facility in a fraction of the time. For industrial or commercial construction projects – from office buildings to warehouses and factories to yard offices – industrial modular construction offers low-cost, fully customizable building solutions for any application.

The Benefits of Industrial Modular Construction

Commercial Structures has specialized in modular construction since 1976. Over the past four decades, we’ve seen the advantages of prefabricated industrial buildings come to life again and again. Some of these benefits include:


By its very nature, modular construction enables clients to completely customize their designs and implement the latest innovations in style and functionality. Today, modular buildings can be adapted to suit any commercial or industrial need.


Before the development of industrial modular construction, businesses were forced to spend countless man hours on planning and design, while actual construction took months or years to complete. Prefabricated industrial buildings take the guesswork out of the planning stages and greatly simplify construction, reducing the time from conception to completion by months or more.


All of the components for industrial modular construction projects are created in controlled environments and subjected to painstaking quality control tests before they arrive at the worksite. As a result, clients command a much greater level of control over the quality of the finished product, leaving them with more durable and better constructed buildings.


Off-site manufacturing of industrial modular construction components also lowers its cost. Using materials built away from the location drives cost efficiencies in labor. Bulk purchasing also makes the materials – and thus, the final components themselves – significantly cheaper.


Industrial properties are often in remote locations where skilled labor may be in short supply. By using industrial modular construction methods, companies can spend less time (and money) recruiting labor in the area.

Types of Modular Buildings

Prefabricated industrial buildings are becoming more common across a wide variety of industrial sectors. Commercial Structures can provide the following types of buildings and services for your industrial space:

Modular In-Plant Offices

These custom-designed buildings come completely assembled. Well-suited to any indoor or outdoor application, our offices are available in single or multi-story options based on space requirements, feature professional interior décor, and come with multiple safety features to ensure employee comfort. They are also easy to move, and can be relocated within a yard, warehouse, or factory with minimal effort.

Pump Houses & Equipment Shelters

Our shelters offer protection from internal and external conditions such as moisture, static electricity, harsh weather, or even natural disasters such as earthquakes. Fabricated from high-grade aluminum and steel, our shelters come fully customizable with a wide range of options, including concrete floors, sprinkler systems, FRP panels, exhaust fans and louvers, and temperature control devices.

Floor Plans

In more than 40 years as a leader in industrial modular construction, we’ve compiled a wide array of floorplans that can meet the needs of most industrial applications. We also understand that no two facilities are the same, so our team of design engineers always remains available to customize any prefabricated floor plan to meet the needs of a specific project.

Custom Buildings

If our prefabricated floor plans can’t meet a particular application’s requirements, we also create custom buildings to suit any need. Constructed from high quality steel, wood, and other materials, our custom modular buildings are available in single or multi-story options and can often be installed in as little as a day.

Modular Office Complexes

Our office complexes are as small as 100 square feet to as large as 100,000. We can design our industrial modular buildings to match the décor of any surrounding buildings and meet any security, mechanical, and HVAC requirements for your facility and/or location.


We oversee every aspect of your project from beginning to end so that you can focus on your core business rather than handle contractors or manage hectic construction sites. With more than 40 years of experience and a broad portfolio of projects, you can trust us to install your building quickly and safely with minimal effort on your part.

If you’d like to learn more about industrial modular construction or our specific industrial modular building packages, request a quote from our website or contact us today. We look forward to helping you create the perfect facility.