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Modular Healthcare Construction

Commercial Structures has specialized in modular buildings since 1976. Over the decades, we’ve built prefabricated modular buildings for a broad array of companies across various industries. Designed to accommodate any need while streamlining construction, our fully customizable buildings can be tailored to nearly any application.

Modular buildings are particularly useful in healthcare, where additional space is often needed in a short amount of time. With years of experience in the industry, Commercial Structures can offer an extensive range of modular medical buildings that suit the requirements of any manufacturer or healthcare provider.

The Benefits of Prefabricated Buildings in Healthcare

The needs of the healthcare industry are changing rapidly, prompting healthcare stakeholders to minimize operating costs by manufacturing quality medical facilities off-site. Some of their benefits include:

  • Cost: Modular medical buildings require less time and labor to assemble, significantly reducing the overall on-site cost of a construction project.
  • Labor: Since Commercial Structures provides set-up crews as part of our packages, our customers don’t need to hire skilled labor to assemble buildings on-site.
  • Quality: The greatest contributor to the cost of a traditional construction project is labor, but modular healthcare construction significantly lowers those costs without sacrificing quality. With less labor requirements, more money gets invested in quality materials, which are built to stringent standards on the production line.
  • Speed: The faster a modular medical building goes up, the faster more patients can be served. This is better not only for the bottom line of the medical facility, but for the overall health of its patient base.
  • Customization: Healthcare practitioners have a wide variety of needs, and modular healthcare construction allows designs to be customized to ensure that all of those needs are met.
  • Sterilization: Traditional construction comes rife with dust from sheet rock, plaster, and other finishing materials. Modular buildings create less mess during set-up, and as such, take far less time to get patient-ready.

Types of Modular Buildings

Modular medical buildings have an extensive list of applications, and Commercial Structures specializes in finding a modular solution that meets your needs. Prefabricated materials can be used to construct whole buildings, expand existing structures, or simply optimize your current space. Some of the products in our modular healthcare construction line include:

Modular Medical Buildings

Prefabricated medical buildings are ideal for use as clinics or laboratories. They can be customized to include lighting suitable for certain tasks or procedures, high-strength floors for heavy medical equipment, full utility connections and piping, waiting areas, custom workspaces, and patient rooms.

Modular Restrooms

As medical facilities expand and staff and patient numbers grow, more restroom space will be necessary. Our modular restrooms come fully plumbed and pre-wired, with a décor of your choosing. Prefabricated restrooms also come with everything from soap dispensers to exhaust fans.

Modular Locker Rooms

Our locker rooms are fully equipped to handle the long-term needs of healthcare staff or temporary patient storage. Modular locker rooms are pre-wired and pre-plumbed, and can be combined with prefabricated restrooms and showers to provide a full-service facility.

Modular Clean Rooms

Many healthcare facilities require a clean room for laboratory testing or research. Our fully customizable prefabricated clean rooms include HEPA and ULPA filters that remove up to 99.9% of particulate matter in the air. Available customizations include load-bearing floors, high-tech security systems, soundproof walls, and customized lighting.

A Modular Healthcare Construction Partner You Can Trust

Commercial Structures has been a leader in modular healthcare construction for more than 40 years. We possess unparalleled expertise, a helpful and knowledgeable staff, an extensive library of prefabricated building designs, and a desire to make sure your new modular medical buildings are customized exactly as you need.

If you’d like to explore working with us on your next project, contact us today or request a quote on our website.