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Modular Construction Advantages

Modular Construction Advantages & Modern Day Applications

Modular Construction Advantages & Modern Day Applications

The benefits of modular construction really begin to shine as our world continues to develop. Each year, we are faced with a variety of problems concerning the construction and implementation of buildings. Cities become overcrowded, housing development becomes expensive, and construction projects can become long and drawn out processes. Due to these factors, we are seeking new modes of development using unconventional methods to help reduce costs and make use of the limited space we have.

Modular structures fit this niche perfectly – this type of construction provide numerous advantages over more traditional building styles. Each modular or prefabricated unit is highly customizable, cheap to implement, and offers a space-saving alternative to large-scale building projects.

How Can Modular Structures Be Utilized in Today’s World?

The list below features five creative modular construction applications that put this innovative building method to use and prove just how versatile modular construction technology can be:

Medical Facilities in Remote Destinations or Countries in Need

Modular medical roomA clean, organized, and sanitary facility is an absolute must when performing medical procedures. Sanitary conditions are often a luxury that is not possible in remote locations, or third world countries whose health system is not well developed.

A modular medical building could provide a fit-for-purpose medical solution in situations where time, money, and space are a major issue. For example, refugee camps are overcrowded and lack proper facilities to deal with a humanitarian crisis; in this environment, a modular medical structure would be beneficial because it could be installed quickly and efficiently, and provide much needed medical care for the thousands of refugees living there.

Prefabricated Rooms for Hotel Facilities

modular constructionThe hotel industry is experiencing rising growth in many countries and keeping up with the demand for high-quality accommodation has become a priority. Hotel chains must look to alternative methods of construction for their projects to handle the demand as using traditional methods to create a hotel from the ground up is no longer the most cost-effective process. Modular structures are becoming hugely relevant in this industry, and hotel giants like Marriot are making use of modular units as an alternate form of construction.

Stackable modular structures can significantly hasten the development process, and companies such as Marriot are now having various elements of a guestroom prefabricated using this type of structure. For example, modular bathrooms and living quarters may be created in a separate off-site facility and then shipped to the hotel location. Once on site, the modular structure can simply be installed within the frame of the building. This type of process removes much of the chaos, space restriction, and lengthy construction process associated with a new hotel project.

A Unique Extension or Annex to your Property

Modular home additionIn today’s modern world, space is often a luxury that we do not have. Building contractors often attempt to maximize their profit by packing as many houses as possible onto a plot of land to have more to homes to sell; this can mean the resulting properties have less living room and outside property.

If you are looking to extend your living space or create an outdoor lounge area, a modular structure could serve as an unconventional and cheap extension. If you have space in your yard, you could install a modular structure that acts as a sun room, a gaming area or even a bar. Alternatively, you could use a modular structure as a workshop or storage unit for your garden tools, equipment, etc.

Temporary Shelter for the Homeless

Tiny homes for the homelessUnfortunately, not everyone has a home or even a roof over the heads; homelessness is a large problem in many countries and creating an adequate shelter to protect these vulnerable individuals is a daunting task.

How can a government create affordable temporary or permanent housing solutions for the homeless without putting a financial strain on their available funds? Modular structures offer the perfect solution to this specific need. These structures can be created and installed in a short period and provide a space-saving form of accommodation that can be customized to suit basic living needs.

In little to no time, a government could have a block of modular structures constructed that could provide adequate shelter for many homeless citizens as they try to get back on their feet. The county of Sonoma, California recently approved the construction of 12 modular houses for the homeless; the project is known as the Community Housing of Sonoma County Veterans Village.

Upscale Camping Accommodations

Modular camping huts“Glamping” is becoming a hugely popular outdoor activity throughout the world, and there are more and more facilities being created that cater to this type of luxury camping. Glamping, in essence, is camping with an added element of luxury and comfort – camping without unwanted exposure to the elements or wildlife. This type of camping requires accommodation that is more substantial than a tent or tipi for example.

Modular structures could serve as cheap and effective glamping units for campsites, or serve as high-end cabins for more luxurious getaways, like the Rolling Huts of Winthrop, Washington. Each structure could be fitted to include certain amenities such as a bedroom, living space, a bathroom, and even an outdoor patio. The possibilities are practically endless, and a camp site could configure their modular structures in a variety of different ways since they are easy to move.

Custom modular structures can be used in a multitude of different ways – whenever there is a need for a reliable, cost-effective, space-saving structure, modular construction can offer many advantages over a more classic building method.