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Modular Construction in Education

Across the country, a growing population is leading to an increased demand for educational services–from daycare to higher education–but in many aging buildings, there isn’t always enough room to accommodate the growing number of students. Modular construction provides a cost-effective and time-saving solution, allowing schools to build modern structures that can meet educators’ needs in less time and for less cost.

At Commercial Structures, we are known for our ability to create custom manufactured modular buildings for commercial and industrial settings. Our wide range of customization options allows us to produce functional spaces that can be used for almost any purpose in nearly any location–including educational settings. With the versatility modular structures allow, we are able to produce a wide range of modular education buildings suitable for a wide range of environments, including daycares and preschools, K–12, buildings, trade schools, colleges and universities, and continuing education.

Modular Buildings Save Time and Money

The speed at which modular buildings can be erected is one of the largest benefits of using modular construction in education. Unlike other industries, education runs on a strict schedule, with classes usually starting in the late summer/early fall and continuing until late spring/early summer. Because of this schedule, there is limited time for construction, and most projects need to be finished before the start of the school year––otherwise, it can be too disruptive to move students halfway through the school year or semester.

Modular construction can be finished in significantly less time than traditional builds, making it perfect for quickly accommodating additional students or classes. This short turnaround also makes modular construction ideal for rebuilding schools quickly in areas affected by natural disasters. The ability to do most of the construction off-site also helps eliminate the amount of disruption, noise, and mess that typically accompanies building new school facilities, so students can focus on learning without distraction.

Since most educational facilities operate on tax dollars or students’ tuition, finding the funds to expand an educational center can be a difficult endeavor. Modular construction, however, affords the same quality as a typical build, but at a significantly lower cost––helping educators conserve valuable money for things like books, supplies, programs, after-school activities, teachers’ salaries, and more. The cost-effectiveness of modular school buildings makes them a worthwhile choice for institutions looking to increase their square footage without paying an exorbitant price.

In addition, we can easily expand and add onto our modular buildings as needed. So, if your student population continues to grow or your space needs change, we can easily adapt the space to fit your current requirements without significant costs or renovation.

Types of Modular Education Spaces Available

Our customization options in terms of materials, layouts, and size, enable us to produce modular structures that can fit an array of educational settings, functions, and services. For example, our modular building offerings include modular classrooms, modular daycare buildings, and modular administrative offices.

In addition to these standard education spaces, modular construction can be used to build other education facilities, as well. Examples of these spaces include modular restrooms, modular locker rooms and showers, modular gyms, modular dormitories, and more. No matter what type of room or functionality you’re looking for, our customization options will help you create an optimal space to serve the learning needs of your students.

Since 1976, Commercial Structures has been providing customized modular structures to customers around the world. With every project we receive, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality, cost-efficient, and timely solutions that best fit their needs and budget. To learn more about our modular buildings for educational spaces, request a quote or contact us today.