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Child Care Solutions

Child Care Solutions: Relocatable Classrooms and Modular Daycare Buildings

Classrooms and daycare buildingsModular daycare buildings and classrooms are proving to be an effective, cost-efficient solution to meet these needs.

Modular Classrooms & Daycare Facilities

Modular classrooms and daycare facilities give your organization options. Whether you need temporary buildings during construction projects, immediate solutions for expanding your campus or student enrollment, or long-term facility space that’s more cost-effective than traditional builds, Commercial Structures Corp. is here to help. Our skilled team can design, manufacture, deliver, and install a modular classroom or daycare facility constructed to your application’s specific requirements and all related state and federal standards. Read on to learn more about the benefits of today’s modular classroom and daycare buildings from Commercial Structures.

Modular Classrooms & Daycare Facilities Explained

Schools and daycare centers may require additional facility space for a multitude of reasons. Many schools turn to modular buildings to address overcrowding. Alternately, employers are increasingly choosing to install modular daycare centers on-site to assist parents in the workforce.

Whatever your needs, Commercial Structures builds modular classrooms and daycare spaces in numerous configurations, keeping the needs of educational organizations and applicable building codes in mind. They’re available with customizable design elements and features for additional personalization and the flexibility to reconfigure and grow your space over time. You’ll also have the option to relocate your modular building as needed.

Some common types of modular education buildings include:

  • Large or small individual classrooms
  • Clusters of classrooms within a single modular structure
  • Reception and activity spaces
  • School libraries
  • Staff offices, kitchens, and break rooms
  • Storage facilities

We build these prefabricated structures from individual modules that we’ll efficiently assemble as part of larger structures or stand-alone buildings, making them an ideal solution for growing campuses and daycare businesses taking on more children. Not only do they come in many different sizes and offer fast installation timelines, but they’re also more affordable and versatile than traditional construction options.

Benefits of Modular Classrooms & Daycare Facilities

When constructing or expanding your education or childcare facility, modular buildings offer many advantages as either short- or long-term solutions. Some of the key benefits that modular facilities provide include:

  • Versatility. We can construct modular buildings with flexible floor plans, feature options, and design specifications to meet the needs of virtually any learning space and varied installation locations. Options range from classrooms and administrative offices to spaces pre-wired for computer or audio-visual equipment and fire suppression systems for enhanced safety.
  • Speed. Our modular classrooms and daycare spaces are faster to erect than traditional builds because we construct them in our facility rather than on-site. We’ll deliver and assemble your classroom or daycare structure quickly as well, cutting down on production delays and disruptions to your children and staff.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Modular buildings are more efficient to produce than conventional buildings and require less labor. Given their customization options, you can also ensure that you’re only paying for the space and features you need. Adding in your savings on energy consumption and materials, all these factors add up to significant cost savings for your organization on modular classrooms and daycare spaces.
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency. Making our modular buildings off-site cuts down on material waste for greater sustainability. Also, because of their compact, efficient designs as well as modern advancements in insulation, construction materials, and energy-saving features, they consume less energy. Lastly, you can relocate and reuse these structures as needed.

Applications of Modular Classrooms & Daycare Facilities

You can utilize modular buildings for virtually any school or daycare project. We specialize in both temporary and permanent solutions, with some common applications for these organizations including:

  • Site expansions to scale your daycare business or accommodate more children in schools
  • Temporary classrooms or storage during construction or renovations
  • New play areas, activity rooms, libraries, and staff offices
  • Installations in locations where building on-site would be problematic
  • On-site daycare facilities to give parents greater childcare flexibility and access to their children during the workday

Choose Commercial Structures for Modular Classrooms & Daycare Facilities

Modular designs give educational organizations a feasible route to expanding and improving their facilities to benefit students, parents, and staff. At Commercial Structures, we offer myriad standard features, custom options, and design possibilities in our convenient, reasonably priced modular daycare buildings and classrooms. Since 1976, our family-owned and -operated company has served clients in diverse industries with modular building solutions tailored to their unique needs.

To get started on your modular classroom or daycare project, request a quote today.