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Benefits of Modular Construction Technology

For more information on the benefits of modular construction or to learn how our team will save you time and money on your next construction project, contact us, or request a quote today.

Benefits of Modular Construction Technology

Commercial Structures Corp. has been a leader in modular building construction for more than 40 years and designs and delivers field offices and modular buildings around the world. We offer high-quality, prefabricated and custom building solutions to address any need. 

Modular building construction is the process of manufacturing individual building sections, or modules, at a controlled, off-site facility before assembling and installing them at a final build site. This method of construction offers a number of benefits over traditional measures.

The Benefits of Modular Construction

Accommodation of Tighter Schedules

Modular building projects allow for on- and off-site work to progress simultaneously, leading to completion times that are an average of 30-50% faster than traditional builds of the same scale. Concurrent work schedules and the controlled environments in which teams construct modules prevent costly delays related to everything from inclement weather to compromised materials—further minimizing the risk for a snowball effect on future project timelines. Though fully customizable, modular buildings are also available in prefabricated forms for a variety of common-use applications, further bolstering their ability to comply with even the tightest timelines.

Use of Efficient Manufacturing Processes

Modules are fabricated in controlled, off-site factory environments using an assembly-line approach. Indoor construction methods:

  • Ensure build quality by utilizing trained workers and specialized equipment and enforcing rigorous quality control standards at every stage of production.
  • Improve overall build safety by reducing traffic at the final build site and better managing worker risk in the factory setting.
  • Reduce waste through precision-engineered components, protecting build materials from exposure to damaging environmental effects, and controlling energy use and emissions.

While modular builds are required to adhere to the same industry standards that apply to conventional construction projects, their adaptability provides added convenience for clients as modules can be resized, disassembled, or moved.

Continued Innovation

Modular construction has been around for centuries, but evolutions in manufacturing techniques and advances in materials technology boost process efficiency, enhance performance capabilities, and extend application reach. These innovations are preparing the industry to handle the rising demand from consumers seeking cost-effective, space-saving, and environmentally friendly building solutions.

Eco-Friendly and Durable Materials

The modular construction process is designed with sustainability in mind. By using durable, eco-friendly materials, cutting down on both on- and off-site waste, and minimizing emissions, modular construction proactively reduces a build’s carbon footprint. Additionally, temporary and semi-permanent variations of modular construction allow for easy relocation or repurposing, which conserve resources further. 

Modular Buildings From Commercial Structures

With over three decades of experience, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and on-time deliveries. From design to set-up, our family-owned and –operated business is committed to partnering with you through every stage of the modular building process. 

We offer LEED-certified prefabricated industrial buildings for a range of applications, such as:

Whether for a single module or an entire modular complex, our custom modular construction capabilities allow for projects ranging in size from 100 to 100,000 square feet. 

To see examples of our past work, visit our portfolio. For more information on the benefits of modular construction or to learn how our team will save you time and money on your next construction project, contact us, or request a quote today.