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Modular Commercial Construction

Commercial Structures creates modular buildings, specialty rooms, and more for commercial construction projects. Our modular construction products are available with differing customizations to meet the needs of multiple types of businesses.

The Benefits of Commercial Modular Construction

modular commercial constructionBecause of a modular project’s accelerated building process, much of the construction fabrication is performed off-site. Quicker completion times reduce labor costs from 10 to 35% when compared to traditional construction.

With commercial modular construction, jobsite disruption is kept to a minimum and weather delays impacting project deadlines are eliminated. With quicker completion times, businesses can occupy these facilities sooner compared to a site-built facility and building owners can start generating revenue.

This type of project also improves sustainability. Modular buildings minimize waste and get the most out of the materials that are used for construction. These spaces are adaptable to fit existing landscapes and are highly reusable.

Modular commercial construction offers flexibility for businesses of all sizes. It can quickly expand operations and gain versatile swing space in prefabricated structures tailored to their needs. This construction delivers solutions that companies can quickly implement and utilize for their desired purpose.

Modular construction is highly customizable to meet the demands each customer has for their space. Builders can design and fabricate exteriors to blend with existing structures or create a new look for a business. They can also design the interior to suit the needs of the company’s activities.

Durable, high-quality professional finishes are added to both the interior and exterior for a polished or functional aesthetic. You can integrate these structures with existing business facilities through roof coverings or canopies, or let them stand alone while matching the façade of the existing structures or present a new exterior presence.

Types of Modular Commercial Construction

Commercial Structures offers a variety of modular commercial building options to suit your needs.

Modular Complexes

  • For industrial and commercial complexes
  • Available from 100 square feet to 100,000 square feet
  • Compact units and multiplex structures
  • Custom design available
  • Designed to suit all interior and exterior aesthetics
  • Designed to match existing facilities

Stackable Two-Story Buildings

  • For use in warehouses, manufacturing plants, educational facilities, offices, and hospitals
  • Add office space indoors without sacrificing valuable square footage
  • Use separately or together
  • Crane-liftable structures
  • Superior sound control from one floor to the next
  • Exterior customizations include steel, aluminum, wood, stucco, brick, and other siding materials
  • Multiple floor plans and wall color options available
  • Customizations include pre-wired and pre-plumbed units

Portable Locker & Break Rooms

  • For use in manufacturing facilities, worksites, large-scale events, and event facilities
  • Add amenities in a variety of applications, including break spaces, changing rooms, and sleeping quarters
  • Floor plans can be altered to fit specific needs
  • Pre-plumbed and wired
  • Customizations include handicap accessibility, HVAC systems, and water conservation systems
  • Interior design options include benches, communal showers, vapor-proof lighting systems, and custom fixtures
  • Floor covering options include standard or ceramic tile, commercial-grade vinyl, and anti-slip materials

Modular Restrooms

  • Add restroom facilities to existing commercial spaces, public spaces, event facilities, camps, and more
  • Multiple floor plans available
  • Vinyl, brick, stucco, and other exterior finishes available
  • Customizable fixtures and interior finishes include soap dispensers, exhaust fans, safety glass mirrors, vapor-proof lighting, low-flow commodes, and custom countertops and cabinetry

Custom Modular Construction

  • Suitable for nearly any application, such as clubhouses, containment buildings, and control booths
  • Fabricated from weather-resistant exterior materials, such as steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood, stucco, and brick or specialty siding installed on-site
  • Customizable floor plans and two-story configurations available
  • Customizable interior design with quality fixtures, floor coverings, and décor options

Take Your Business to the Next Level

For 43 years, Commercial Structures has led the way for modular commercial construction in the U.S., providing quality prefabricated structures for customers across an array of industries. Our modular construction buildings are durable yet versatile to meet your business needs. Learn how we can help expand your facilities through modular construction by requesting a quote today.