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Modular Toll Booths and Parking Attendant Booths

Committed to meeting all of our customers’ exact needs, Commercial Structures Corp. is proud to offer customized modular toll booths and parking attendant booths for use in various applications and environments. Whether customers require bulletproof glass, climate control, enhanced design aesthetics, or specialty lighting, our team has a reliable, top-of-the-line solution at the ready.

Common Applications for Modular Toll Booths and Parking Attendant Booths

Commercial Structures can outfit modular toll booths with steel framing, ballistic rated materials, sliding steel doors, security window screens and bars, motion sensor lighting, and tempered glass are also popular add-ons.

Prefab toll booths are ideal solutions for a variety of roadside environments, whether collecting tolls for roads and bridges or providing ticketing in parking lots. Commercial Structures’ prefabricated toll booths provide a safe, comfortable environment that is entirely mobile.

modular toll booths

Working With Commercial Structures Corp.

Commercial Structures has proudly served businesses in nearly every major industry, including automotive, defense, daycare, distribution centers, energy, engineering, manufacturing, medical, dental, military, mining, education, and sanitation.

At Commercial Structures, we take all booth orders very seriously, and work closely with clients to find the best fit for their unique needs. Allowing for quick and easy installation, all of our products are cost-effective and competitively priced. Future expansions are easily achievable, and the whole process — from initial design to on-site installation is fast and efficient.

For toll booth and parking attendant booth applications, our modular booths serve as quick, reliable solutions for customers dealing with tight budgets, limited space, or time constraints. Our modular structures are also very durable. In fact, all of our prefab toll booths are specifically designed to withstand harsh, corrosive elements and severe environmental conditions, ensuring personnel remain safe, comfortable, and productive.

Commercial Structures’ booths provide the same strength and quality as traditional, permanent structures while allowing for a range of customizations. If you need a structure set up immediately that will save you money and time while offering unmatched flexibility, a modular building from Commercial Structures may be an ideal option.

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Commercial Structures is a leader in modular technology. All of our products receive comprehensive quality control inspections before leaving our factory, and we acquire state and third party approvals and inspections as well as State Seals, CSA international approvals, and engineer sealed prints. Our booths are built in a controlled environment with the same high quality materials that a contractor would use.

Curious to learn more about our prefab parking booths and modular toll booths? Reach out to the team today to discuss your options with an expert. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have and will work closely with your team to ensure you receive an ideal solution for your exact needs.