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Commercial Structures Corp. offers the highest-quality modular buildings for use in commercial and industrial applications. Our extensive line of portable buildings and offices are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re not satisfied for any reason with the delivered product, we’ll take it back at no cost to you!

See more details regarding our ever-growing line of modular structures below:

Commercial Modular Buildings

Our more than 30 years of experience enable us to create the workspace you need from the requirements you specify. Industrial buildings can be as small as 100 square feet or as large as 100,000 square feet. These modular structures can be permanent, temporary or semi-temporary.

Contractor Trailers

Perfect for use as contractor offices, break rooms, storage areas and more, these modular buildings are easy to relocate with coupler or pintle hitches. Customize your design with desks, closets, diffused lighting, and other accessories.

Modular Bathrooms

These easily installed structures work well in manufacturing facilities or warehouses. The entire restroom facility can be designed and built, then shipped and installed into a large space.

Portable Locker Rooms

Clean and simple, these modular buildings easily fit into an existing facility, and can be temporary or permanent. They are delivered pre-wired with pre-installed plumbing.

Modular Break Rooms

Our modular break rooms provide an excellent, relaxing space for your employees to recuperate from the workday. These units can be fitted with lunch tables, kitchen appliances, cabinets, and other features to provide a comfortable environment for your workers.

Scale Houses

Built to withstand years of industrial use, these custom modular scale houses make it easy to monitor transactions, traffic, and more. Custom options include alarms, gas sensors, and weigh capabilities for highway weigh stations.

Portable Guard Houses

Easily-assembled and moved, these steel frame structures make security measures easy. Pre-wired, plumbed and fitted, guard modular houses come equipped with bullet proof windows for officer safety.

In Plant Offices

Specifically designed to be fitted in plant buildings, these modules easily move to wherever your company needs them and can be fitted with fluorescent lighting, weather shields, flame retardant materials and more.

Stackable Modular Buildings

For indoor or outdoor use, these buildings move per your needs and can rise higher than one story tall. They come fully assembled, wired and plumbed.

Blast Resistant Buildings

In hazardous environments, these modular buildings are to UL standards for levels 1 to 8. Unlike steel panels, the structure’s panels arrest and capture a penetrating projectile without letting it ricochet.

Pump Houses

Get exceptional static electricity and moisture control with these modular buildings, which work well as equipment shelters for a variety of applications.

Modular Classrooms

Meeting and exceeding standard regulations and codes, these structures allow for minimal construction time and a quality, custom product. Safety features are included, as well as any computer or workstation needs.

Eco Modular Buildings

Reduce your footprint by opting for green modular buildings that follow LEED certifications and use energy conservation products like occupancy sensors, solar tubes and Energy Star certified products.

Custom Buildings

For any application, custom structures are built-to-suit. Our team of designers work closely with you for optimal end results, and we always use the most quality materials for the build.